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Permitted Utility Vehicles Allowable on Roadway beginning August 26
Posted on Tuesday August 20, 2019
Council passes ordinance outlining regulations for use of UTVs on city streets and highways through a special permit system. Permits can be obtained at City Hall beginning on August 26.

Under a new ordinance passed by the City Council on August 12, utility vehicles (UTVs) will soon be able to be driven on city streets and highways in Pleasant Hill.  This ordinance opens a new method of transportation for many within our community.


The regulations and requirements seek for safe operation of UTVs within the community.  It is important for residents to understand the new requirements before operating a UTV on city streets.


The ordinance requires anyone operating a UTV for purposes other than governmental use, agricultural, industrial or commercial on-premises purposes to obtain a permit through the City and pay a $15 permit fee.  The ordinance also requires proof of financial responsibility at the time of application or any other insurance policy providing equivalent liability coverage for a utility vehicle.


It is important that UTV equipment and operation provide the highest level of safety for operators and other motorists. 


Operationally, UTV operators must possess a valid driver’s license, obey rules of the road, cannot operate on roadways with speeds in excess of 45 miles per hour, and cannot be operated under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Passengers and riders are allowable up to the number of seats or passenger allowance for the vehicle.


The UTVs will need to be equipped with functioning headlights, tail lights, brake lights, a braking system in good operating condition, and an adequate muffler system in good working condition and a qualified spark arrester.  Once permitted, the permit registration stickers must be affixed to the UTV.


Residents must register their UTV before it can be operated on a public street.  Registrations will be required annually, although the first year permits will be effective through December 31, 2020.  Permits can be obtained at City Hall beginning on August 26.


This ordinance provides regulations for utilization of UTVs only.  City ordinances prohibit the use of ATVs on city streets.


For a full copy of the ordinance, visit

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