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Social Distancing During Severe Weather
Posted on Thursday April 16, 2020
Social Distancing during COVID-19 and tornado season

With spring weather approaching, inevitably that means severe storms and the potential for tornadoes.  This year we face yet another challenge with COVID-19 and social distancing rules.  With this comes the question, “Is it better to find a shelter and risk contracting the coronavirus, or shelter at home?”  City officials believe it is better to shelter at home if residents have a safe place to do so.  Vehicles are unsafe in tornadoes with many fatalities occurring while trying to find shelter.  Never attempt to outrun a tornado by driving.    

For those who don’t have a basement, or a storm shelter, get to the inner-most room, hallway or closet on the lowest level of the building. Put as many walls between you and the outside as possible, and stay away from windows and doors.  Wear a helmet and/or use pillows, cushions and thick blankets for additional protection.  Wear sturdy shoes that will protect your feet if you have to walk through debris.  All houses constructed in Pleasant Hill after spring of 2009 were required by code to build in a safe room.  This could mean that basement walls satisfy this requirement.  If no basement is present, the safe room is most likely a small bathroom or closet in the interior of the first floor. 

Although, the City does not operate a dedicated storm shelter, the Police Department will be open for a limited number of people.  For those who choose to seek shelter at the Police Department, we encourage you to follow CDC guidelines.  Masks are STRONGLY suggested and try to maintain social distancing where possible. 

IF you do not own a mask and are unable to find one, here is a link to the CDC’s page and their suggestions for a face covering.  CDC FACE COVER GUIDELINES     There are also many youtube videos on making masks at home. 

Remember, whether there is a pandemic happening or not, it better to shelter at home or with a neighbor if there is a safe place to do so.  We understand that there are those with simply no other choice.  Please be cautious and take cover when there is imminent threat.  Listen for tornado sirens if outdoors and find a severe weather app for your phone.  Have a plan and make sure your family knows the plan.  Stay safe!


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