S.A.M., LLC to Map Sanitary Sewer Systems

Posted on Friday March 12, 2021
The City of Pleasant Hill, MO has hired SAM, LLC to survey and map the sanitary sewer system. This generally consists of locating utility features with global positioning system (GPS) equipment. This work will be ongoing during the months of March through August of 2021.

With easements covering most of the areas, occasionally, employees may need access through private property.  SAM employees will be as respectful and unobtrusive as possible while completing the project.  As part of this mapping project, SAM employees may need to uncover manholes that are buried to accurately map and assess each asset.  This is an important step in this project and SAM employees have permission from the City of Pleasant Hill for this.

As with any major project, there will be some inconveniences at times, but no service will be interrupted while this project is taking place.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact SAM, LLC (660) 562-0050 or Tony Bakken, Public Works Director (816)540-9130

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