Trash and Recycling Service Update - Recycling Offered as an Optional Service

Posted on Tuesday July 13, 2021
Constable Sanitation serves as the City's solid waste collection hauler. Trash, bulk item, and weekly yard waste collection is available for all residents. Recycling service will be optional for residents.

Constable Sanitation began residential solid waste collection on June 28, 2021 after responding to the City’s request for proposal for a solid waste hauler.

Constable Sanitation and the City of Pleasant Hill will be utilizing a ramp up plan to restore full services.

The following dates are being utilized for the ramp up plan:

  • Trash Service and Weekly Yard Waste Collection - available now

  • Large Item Pickup - the week of August 2

  • Weekly Curbside Recycling Service - the week of October 4 (earlier if possible)

The following monthly rates have been established for service:

$17 - trash, yard waste, bulk item (effective on the July 2021 bill)

$23 - recycling, trash, yard waste, bulk item (effective on the September 2021 bill, if customer opts-in)

Large Item pickup is the first pickup day of each month, available to all customers.  You do not need to schedule for this collection.

The City will be supplying one trash bin to each customer.  Delivery of new trash bins is scheduled for the week of July 19, 2021.  Additional trash bins may be added to your account.  Please contact City Hall for additional information.

Optional Recycling Service

Recycling will be offered as an optional service for an additional charge.  Please utilize the City’s opt-in form or contact City Hall for more information.  There are three ways to opt-in:
1. Sign up at
2. Complete the opt-in form and email to [email protected]
3. Complete the opt-in form and mail or drop off at City Hall (203 Paul St.)

Residents who opt-in to recycling will be supplied one 65-gallon, wheeled recycling cart.  Additional carts may be added to your account by contacting City Hall.

The recycling market has experienced several changes over the last few years, especially as the demand has increased for quality recycling free of non-approved items.  Recycling is still a very important service, as it diverts millions of tons of waste from landfills.  Industry wide, if we all work together to produce “clean recycling”, the price on recycling service has the ability to decrease in the future.

Reporting Missed Collection

Residents are encouraged to report missed pickups after 7 p.m. on collection day by contacting Constable Sanitation.  Residents serviced on Friday should leave a voicemail by selecting the dedicated Pleasant Hill voicemail box when prompted.  This voicemail box is reviewed at 10 a.m. on Saturday (Sunday on holiday weeks) and dispatched for collection.

New Friday Route

Constable Sanitation has moved to a 5-day collection system.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday collections remain unchanged while the Thursday route has been split in tow.  The new Friday route includes the area north of Oak Street up to and including Kellogg Road.  This includes collection on the north side of Oak Street.  

For more information about the City’s service and to view a map, visit:

Opt-In Form
A copy of the form utilized for opting-in to recycling service

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