City End of Year Highlights 2021

Posted on Thursday December 30, 2021
The City of Pleasant Hill has had a great 2021!  The top 10 things we are excited about are listed below.
  • North Field Turf Project - The City of Pleasant Hill and the Pleasant Hill R-3 School District partnered on improvements to the North Field at the Pleasant Hill Recreation Complex.  The North Field is home to the Pleasant Hill Rooster Baseball team and various Parks and Recreation Department teams.  The over half million dollar project included installation of a turf infield, new dugouts, and a new scoreboard.
  • Sewer Mapping Project - Throughout the year, the City of Pleasant Hill contracted with SAM LLC to have the City’s sewer infrastructure mapped on GIS.  This allows our crews to more easily see the infrastructure age, pipe material, and location.  Additionally, this information location in one place will aid the City in helping developers with future system expansion plans.  Throughout this process, staff also located and raised many manholes throughout the community.
  • Sewer Camera Purchase - Inspecting the sewer system is one way to identify potential issues prior to an incident occurring.  The City purchased a new sewer camera system to inspect lines both proactively and reactively if a backup is reported.  This system allows for recording, electronic controls, and is contained within a trailer that allows staff to utilize in all weather conditions.
  • Increased citizen communication - Within the last few years, the City has maintained a commitment to increasing communication with you.  In 2021, we released 851 messages through the City’s website news alerts (E-Notify) on, Instagram, and Facebook.  This is nearly double the amount of communications that occurred in 2020.  Additionally, the City began utilizing an online agenda platform that allows easier access to public meeting agendas and full meeting packets with links to individual agenda item materials and transitioned the Court system to ShowMeCourts to allow for more information about cases and payment options.
  • 163rd Street Improvements - The City completed a full reconstruction of 163rd Street from 7 Highway to Lexington Road, in front of the Pleasant Hill Intermediate School.  This $550,000 project improved the roadway, installed sidewalks, and made stormwater improvements to assist in future roadway preservation.
  • Yuille Field Improvements - Parks and Recreation participants were able to benefit from an improved Yuille Field.  New fencing was installed and dugouts were reconstructed.  This project was made possible through additional contributions from the community.
  • Building Construction and Development continues - To date, the City has issued 47 new residential building permits.  The City hired a full-time, certified residential building inspector to assist with timely responses to inspections and staff worked to streamline processes, forms, and reviews of development submittals.
  • Installation of Park Directional Signage - In order to connect residents and visitors with park amenities, the City began installation of directional signage to the park system.  The first two signs were installed directing traffic to City Lake.  Additional directional signs will be installed in 2022.
  • Comprehensive Plan Initiated - The City’s comprehensive plan sets the framework for growth, development, and land use patterns for the next 20 years.  The City contracted with Gould Evans for this planning process.  To date, the draft community vision has been developed.  The next community meeting will be held on January 18, and 6 pm in the Memorial Building, 212 Cedar.  This project is expected to be completed mid year 2022.
  • A Return of Community Events - 2021 saw a return of a number of community events as well as new events.  Community and visitor turnout was strong for the Cass County Fair in Pleasant Hill, seeing record revenues and attendance.  A BikeCentennial mountain bike race was held on the MoPAC SingleTrack in coordination with the Pleasant Hill Historic District.  The Mayor’s Tree Lighting and UTV parade was a success with a large number of individuals enjoying the kick off to the holiday season.
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