Help With Snow Routes

Posted on Friday December 30, 2022

The Public Works Department needs your help to ensure streets are cleaned as soon and as efficiently as possible.  

The City utilizes a primary/secondary route plowing system. The primary streets will be the priority at first and throughout the duration of a storm. As the storm begins to subside and crews are caught up, they will move into other secondary roadways.

If possible, we ask that residents avoid parking on streets before or during a snow event. If it is unavoidable, we ask:

BEFORE OR DURING STORM: park vehicles on the evenly addressed side of the streets (where allowed)

AFTER STORM: please move all cars to the odd addressed side of the street to allow plows to clear the entire street. The Public Works Department takes pride in avoiding damage to private property. Unfortunately, there are times when it does happen, and mailboxes get damaged. Please make sure you are following the United States Postal Service’s installation requirement and guidelines. Unless there is obvious negligence on behalf of the department's employees, we won’t be able to replace your mailbox. USPS guidelines can be found here:

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