Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling Services Provider

The City of Pleasant Hill contracts with Constable Sanitation for residential trash and recycling services.  Residents are required to have weekly trash service.  Weekly yard waste collection is included in the base cost.  Recycling can be added to any residential account as an optional service.

The City bills all residents for this service including residents in Water District 5. Please contact City Hall to establish trash service.
Issues regarding service can be directed to Constable Sanitation or the City.

Pleasant Hill City Hall

Constable Sanitation

Services Performed

The City's contract includes the following:

  • Regular, weekly residential solid waste collection
  • A residential solid waste receptacle
  • Year-round, weekly yard waste collection
  • One bulky item collection per customer on the first collection day of the month
  • Annual Christmas tree curbside pickup
  • Optional curbside recycling

Weekly Collection

The City utilizes a zoned method of collection, Monday through Friday.

Approximate locations of collection are as follows:

Monday collection:

  • Areas west of 7 Highway, north of Wright Street and Tall Grass Drive

Tuesday collection:

  • All residences along 7 Highway
  • Areas east of 7 Highway, north of Wright Street but also includes Faulknar Drive

Wednesday collection:

  • Areas east of 7 Highway, between Wright Street and Broadway Street, including the Hickory Hills Subdivision

Thursday Collection:

  • Areas east of 7 Highway, south of and including Broadway Street
  • Areas west of 7 Highway, south of Oak Street

Friday Collection:

  • Areas west of 7 Highway, between Oak Street and Kellogg Road

Holiday Schedule

Six holidays affect the residential trash pick up schedule:
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day

On those weeks the schedule is the same up to the day of the holiday; and then for the remainder of the week after the holiday the pickup service is delayed one day.
For a complete schedule of holiday impacts for the year, visit

Residential Curbside Recycling

Commingled recycling collection is an optional service for our customers.  The optional recycling service began October 4, 2021.
You may OPT-IN to the recycling program by filling out the online form    ONLINE OPT-IN FORM
or print the form and return to City Hall.    PRINTABLE OPT-IN FORM

Recyclable Items Accepted


  • Aluminum and metal food cans
  • Aluminum trays
  • Aseptic packaging and gable top containers (milk and juice cartons)
  • Steel cans and tins


  • PET soda, milk, water, and flavored beverage bottles (#1 clear and green plastic resin)
  • HDPE detergent and fabric softener containers (#2 colored plastic resin)
  • PVC narrow neck containers only (#3 plastics resin); examples include health and beauty aid products, household cleaners
  • LDPE grocery containers (#4 plastics resin); examples include margarine tubs, frozen dessert cups, six and twelve pack rings
  • PP grocery containers (#5 plastic resin); examples include yogurt cups, narrow neck syrup and ketchup bottles
  • #7 plastic resin grocery – narrow neck containers only


  • Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeve)
  • Magazines, catalogues and telephone books
  • Kraft (brown paper) bags
  • Office, computer, notebook and gift wrap paper
  • Chipboard (cereal, cake and food mix boxes, gift boxes, etc.)
  • Carrier stock (soda and beer can carrying cases)
  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Paperback books (does not include hardcover books)
  • Cardboard (no waxed covers)
Items that cannot be accepted at this time are glass, plastic bags, motor oil, automotive product bottles, household hazardous waste containers, Styrofoam, hot ashes or cinders, shrub trimmings, yard trimmings, tree trunks or limbs, street sweepings, catch basin mulch, construction materials, appliances, large furniture, nothing with Freon or hazardous waste.

Glass Recycling

A glass recycling bin is located in the Price Chopper Parking Lot (2101 N. State Route 7)
More information can be found at

Large Items

Large Item collection is available free of charge on the first collection of the month for residential customers.  One item will be collected each month.  Large item collection will begin on August 2, 2021.
Additional large item collections are scheduled and paid through Constable Sanitation.
For more information about the large item collection, visit

Yard Waste

Residents have two options for yard waste disposal.
  • Curbside Pickup
    Curbside yard waste pickup is available year-round.
  • Drop Off Facilities
    Yard waste can be dropped off for a fee per bag at the following nearby locations.

WCA Transfer Station
22820 S. State Rte 291 Hwy
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Hours: M-F 8a-5p; Sat. 8a-12p

Lee's Summit Resource Recovery Park
2101 SE Hamblen Rd
Lee's Summit, MO 64082
(816) 550-1612
Hours: M-Sat 7:30a-4p

Branches should be tied with twine or rope into bundles not exceeding 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter.  Leaves and small limbs should be placed in biodegradable bags.  Dirt, rock, glass, and logs greater than 2 inches in diameter will not be accepted as yard waste for curbside pick up.  Curbside yard waste should be placed in a spot that is easily visible from the curb and should not be blocked by the trash or recycling bins.

Collection Tips

  • It is important to place carts free from anything that hinders collection, including cars, mailboxes, trees, etc.
  • Place trash carts on one side of the driveway and the recycle cart/bin on the opposite side of the driveway.
  • If there is no room to place on either side of the driveway, please leave at least 2 feet of room between carts/bins.
  • While additional trash bags are allowed, please make every effort to place items inside of furnished containers.
  • Please have all items at the curb for collection by 7:00 a.m.