Park Shelter/Pavilion Reservations

PHPR Shelter Reservations:

  • Reservation is only good for the hours the park is open: OPEN FROM DAWN TIL DUSK.
  • Restrooms are seasonal and are open generally from April 1 to November 1.
  • Your fee covers your use of the shelter for the entire day - we do NOT make more than one reservation per shelter per day.
  • A copy of your reservation form is your prof of reservation.  Please bring it with you.  If you have issues with another group, please call the Pleasant Hill Non-emergency number at 816-978-9149.
  • Shelter/Pavilion reservations do not include exclusive use of any other park amenities such as ball diamonds, tennis courts, or play equipment.  These areas are first come, first serve.
  • If you plan on decorating, you may use tape (not duct tape) on shelter surfaces.  After your event, please properly dispose of all decorations.
  • All shelters/pavilions are equipped with trash containers.  The reserving group is responsible for cleanup.
  • The following are NOT ALLOWED in parks:
    1. Alcoholic beverages, Drugs, or Firearms/Weapons
    2. Glass containers
    3. Driving or parking motorized vehicles on the grass or sidewalks
    4. Open burning
    5. Parking vehicles in front or within 10 feet of trash dumpsters
    6. Removal of or damage to park property

For questions or to reserve a shelter/pavilion, please call the City Hall front desk at 816-540-3135. 

Reserve Online HERE

PHPR Shelter-Pavilion Rental Policy & Permit

Rental Fees:

 City Lake

Brown's Arm Shelter  $40
 Lion's Shelter $40
  City Park Lower Shelter $40
Upper Shelter $40
Depot Park Gazebo $40
 Fairgrounds Miller Lite Pavilion $100
Recreation Complex Lewidge Goppert Pavilion $50