Building Reservations

PHPR Building Reservations: 

  • Rest rooms are handicap accessible in every building.
  • Your fee covers your use of the building for the entire day – we do not make more than one reservation per building per day.
  • A copy of your reservation form is your proof of reservation.  Please bring it with you.  If you have issues with another group, please call the Pleasant Hill Police NON-emergency number at 816-987-9149.
  • If you plan on decorating, you may use tape (not duct tape) on interior surfaces.  After your event, please properly dispose of all decorations.
  • The reserving group is responsible for:
    1. Sweeping the floors, as well as, mopping up any spills;
    2. Emptying of trash containers;
    3. Returning chairs neatly in racks;
    4. Returning all gray padded chairs upstairs;
    5. Returning all round tables upstairs; and
    6. Returning tables to their respective places.

For questions or to reserve a building, please call the City Hall front desk at 816-540-3135.

Reserve online HERE

PHPR Building Rental Policy & Permit Form

PHPR Building Rental Fee Schedule